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An engaging digital platform that transforms the patient and front desk experience

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Getting SNAP up and running is a snap

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SNAP streamlines the front desk workflow

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SNAP is easy to setup. All you need is wireless internet, your iPad and office computer.

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SNAP reduces practice cost

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hipaa compliance

Every aspect of SNAP has been designed to be HIPAA compliant

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The SNAP™ Essentials Form Package is HIPAA Compliant and will help you in your path to achieving Meaningful Use. SNAP is an iPad-Ready Platform customized by medical specialty. Features include digital signature capture, pre-populating and auto-formatting data field logic, and digital data transfer to practice systems.

SNAP™ Essentials Includes the Following Forms:

  • Patient Information

  • Financial Policy

  • HIPAA Consent Forms

  • Authorization to Disclose Healthcare Information

  • Review of Systems

  • Authorization to Release Medical Information

  • Family, Social and Medical History

  • Assignment of Benefits

  • Flu Vaccination Consent

  • No Show / Short Notice


SNAPdash is the dashboard website controlled from the practice's computer. SNAPdash is a snapshot of the practice's ongoing patient workflow, allowing front desk staff complete management of all patient registration data.

Staff can actively:

  • Monitor patient's progress on medical forms

  • Verify the accuracy, status and completion of all patients forms

  • Actively track which patients have each iPad

  • Transfer registration data and signatures to practice systems

  • Access patient data on data server for up to 30 days

  • Print signed HIPAA consent forms for patients on demand

  • Access video library of helpfull SNAP tutorials and webinars

  • Access SNAP's customer support channels


Transform the Patient Experience - Learn While You Wait

  • SNAP™ provides patients with comprehensive, trusted and accurate health education content from the Mayo Clinic.

  • Health education material is targeted to the individual patient's health condition and interests.

  • Educational material includes sponsored content, wellness and lifestyle channels, health assessments, a digital MagazineRack and games.

  • Providers can use SNAP™ as a health education resource during patient interactions.

    * Please inquire here if you are interested in sponsoring content on SNAPedu.


1 Getting Started – Buy/Lease iPads iPad(s) and a wireless internet connection are necessary to run SNAP™ in your practice. Doctors need at least one to two iPads per exam room. iPads can be purchased or leased from authorized Apple resellers and our store. SNAP™ is compatible with iPad 2 or 3 only. Make sure the iPads you purchase are WiFi compatible. We also recommend that your iPads have IOS6 installed.
Click to visit our store.

2 Technology Requirements To get SNAP™ up and running, make sure that your practice is setup with the necessary technology requirements. Check out the requirements here.

3 Register Your Account with Us Once you have your iPad(s), sign up for SNAP™ on our website. Click here to register for SNAP™. Once registered, you will receive an email with your temporary username and password and a link to your SNAPdash site, where you will be guided through the SNAP™ setup process.

4 Downloading the SNAP™ App Downloading SNAP™ to your iPad(s) is a snap. You can download SNAP™ onto your iPads either before or after registering your account on our website. From each of your iPads, open a browser window to download SNAP™ for free. In order to activate SNAP™ on each of your iPads, you will have to type in www.seamlessmedical/ to be linked to our Apple storefront.

5 Begin using SNAP™ with your patients You’re all set to start. That was easy! Check out our video library for further assistance on how SNAP™ works in your practice.


The SNAP™ Patient Registration and Education Platform Streamlines Practice Workflow

1. Patient Check-In and Registration Patient checks in at the front desk and is handed SNAP™ on an iPad to complete and sign all necessary forms. Digital forms are then transmitted to the front desk web dashboard, SNAPdash. (Optional: patient’s driver’s license and car keys are collected as guarantee of iPad security).

2. SNAPedu - Health Education Portal The patient keeps SNAP™ to browse health education content from the Mayo Clinic. SNAPedu provides health and wellness channels, digital magazines and games. Providers can also use SNAP™ as a medical reference with patients.

3. Front Desk Staff Transfers Patient Data Front Desk Staff transfers patient data to the practice management system from SNAPdash.

Secure Wireless Internet
It is important to have a secure wireless network (WPA/WEP, password protected). In order to ensure HIPAA compliance, the data transmitted between your computers and wireless router must be encrypted.
Internet Speed
You need an ISP (internet service provider) speed of 1.5 Mbps or higher. Ask your IT guy about this or test your internet speed here.
You will need at least one iPad in order to complete the SNAP™ setup process - either an iPad 2 or 3 with WiFI and 16G hard drive. SNAP™ does not support the iPad 1.
To optimally run SNAP™, we recommend installing Google Chrome as your office computer’s internet browser, however SNAP™ also supports Explorer 9 (IE9) or higher, Firefox and Safari. Free Google Chrome Download
Viewing Forms
In order to view or print forms you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 10 installed on your computer.  Free Adobe Acrobat Reader Download
Go Green!

Signup instantly for a SNAP™ account. Get access to all of the SNAP™ Platform features and extensive client-only resources, all while reducing the expense of printing, scanning and shredding costs.

  • The fee for SNAP™ is based on the number of patients seen in a given month.

  • SNAPandtrade; ESSENTIALS is available now at 20¢ per patient encounter and includes a complete set of primary care forms and the digital transfer of data to practice systems.

    SNAPandtrade; ENTERPRISE is available at 50¢ per parient cisit and includes a bi-directional interface with your practice systems and customized forms.

    If you do not wish to continue using our services, you can login to your SNAP™ account to cancel it yourself at anytime with a 30-day notice.

  • After you sign up for SNAP™, your account will automatically be charged for the usage fee on a monthly basis.


SNAP™ provides live and online client services. Providing the best possible resources to our clients is our top priority. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We are here to help!

HOURS:andnbsp; We are available Monday-Friday from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm EST

Our Mission:

WE STRIVEandnbsp; to be the leading customer-focused technology company in the healthcare industry. We partner with medical practices to ensure a seamless transition to a digital waiting room.

WE SUPPORTandnbsp; each medical practice’s efforts to create a superior patient experience in the waiting room, while offering significant time and cost savings.

WE CREATEandnbsp; a positive transformation in the daily lives of patients and medical practices.

  • SNAP™ is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), providing privacy standards to protect patients’ personal information and medical records.
  • Click here for more information on our HIPAA compliant architecture and policies.