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Digital Patient Data Capture, Health Education & Communications.
Collaborative Workflows Connecting Patient and
Practice Across the Care Continuum.

SNAP Practice™
Digital Patient

Streamlines Medical Front Office Operations by Replacing Paper Forms with an iPad®

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Mobile patient registration and data capture
  • Digital signature capture
  • Pre-populating and auto-formatting data field logic
  • Data transfer to Practice Management System
  • Complete set of Primary Care forms
  • Custom medical forms option
  • Multilingual
  • Bi-directional interface with your Practice System or Electronic Medical System

Includes Forms Such As:

  • ANSI Compliant Patient Registration (Demographics)
  • Notice of Privacy Practice
  • Assignment of Benefits
  • Authorization to DiscloseHealthcare Information
  • Release of Patient Health Information
  • Financial Policy *
  • No Show / Short Notice
  • Review of Systems
  • Social, Family & Medical History
  • Inactivated Influenza Vaccine
  • Influenza Vaccine Consent Form
  • PHQ-9
*Please note that applicable financial policy forms can be personalized so that individual practices can tailor their pricing language to specific internal policies.
Personalized Health
Information and

Engage and Educate Patients in the Office and On the Go

MyHEAL+H provides personalized, contextually relevant health and wellness information to healthcare consumers. Our interactive, engaging platform leverages patient data to deliver a personalized experience to healthcare consumers at the point of care and on their own devices, anywhere.

Unlike other digital healthcare platforms, our product provides a low-cost and effective opportunity for the practice to extend communication with patients both at the point-of-care and post-visit to improve the continuity of care and to drive customer loyalty.

MyHEAL+H is comprised of a wide range of health information, wellness and lifestyle content provided by trusted sources including the Mayo Clinic, Prevention Magazine, The National Institutes of Health, and others.

MyHEAL+H Includes:

  • Personalized patient health information
  • Practice marketing and communications
  • Patient follow up and education
  • Ongoing patient relationship management
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