Automating the waiting room: What are the benefits to enabling a self-service environment in your waiting room?

Who Should attend: CIO’s, COO’s, CMIO’s, Patient Advocacy Directors, Practice Administrators

Bridging the single largest gap in healthcare automation today, automated patient check-in provides tangible benefits to the patient, staff and facility. In this webinar you’ll learn:

• How automating the check process effects your staff satisfaction and operational efficiency.

• How “on the go” convenience options allow patients to complete “paperwork” in the comfort of their home in an easy to use, device agnostic environment.

• How patient satisfaction and referrals are enhanced through digitizing the clipboard.

• Learn how relevant health information, targeted to your patient age, gender and health condition can generate more business, and keep your patients in compliance with standard health protocols.

• Understand that waiting rooms are a captivated environment, which maximizes the value of organizations branded marketing to your patients while they wait for service.


Healthcare organizations have invested tens of millions of dollars in electronic health records over the last 5 years, yet an estimated 95% of all healthcare interaction begin with a clipboard, paper and pen. Seamless Medical Systems provides solutions that digitize the intake forms, automates the data entry process and ensure providers and clinical staff are equipped with all relevant patient information at the time of service.