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Seamless Medical Delivers Streamlined Patient Engagement
to Valley OB/GYN Staff and Clinicians


SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (May 11, 2016) – On any given day, Valley OB/GYN’s three locations in American Fork, Utah, see up to 250 patients. The high patient volume is welcome; the volume of paper it generates is not. Valley OB/GYN’s manual registration process was taking a toll on the practice’s efficiency and on patients’ patience. So Valley OB/GYN chose Seamless Medical to deliver a digital patient engagement solution.

Valley OB/GYN’s front office manager, Claudia Hill, said the practice did extensive research on patient engagement platforms. They selected Seamless over the others because it was “more about the patient experience,” an important consideration when trying to move expectant mothers efficiently through their monthly appointments.

“What drew us to Seamless was the interface,” Hill said. “Health histories and consents on new patients can easily take 15 minutes with paper forms. With Seamless, the forms are on a tablet and they are very easy and straightforward to complete. New patients love going paper-free. Current patients are very happy they no longer have to complete the same forms each year; they simply update them on the tablet. Check-in is so much easier.”

The Seamless Patient Platform™ has also delivered huge benefits to front office staff and clinical staff that includes 17 physicians, certified nurse midwives and certified nurse practitioners. Patient information uploads from the iPad via the Cloud to Valley OB/GYN’s Greenway Prime Suite EMR. The clinical staff had been manually entering health histories and greatly appreciates the timesavings.

Seamless CEO and Founder David Perez reports that medical practices that replace paper-based processes with the Seamless Patient Platform™ typically increase operational efficiency by 20 percent and patient satisfaction to 99 percent. “Think of all the time spent collecting, scanning, filing, and shredding paper forms; it doesn’t support patient-centered care. Switching to Seamless’ digital platform is like adding two hours to the day. Staff no longer has to decipher handwriting and perform manual data entry so there’s more time to focus on patients rather than paperwork,” Perez said.

The Seamless Patient Platform enables medical practices to redefine the doctor-patient relationship in other ways. Seamless allows patients to make and pre-register for appointments via their own digital devices. Practices can add point-of-service insurance verification and payment to improve practice profitability. Seamless’ digital health magazine delivered on a tablet engages patients in the waiting room with custom content and continues the conversation with post-visit care instructions, practice marketing, appointment reminders, and surveys, all of which keeps patients connected to the practice. “It’s a loyalty builder,” Perez commented.

Valley OB/GYN plans is now rolling out the Seamless Patient Platform to its locations in Provo and Orem, Utah. The two locations have 17 providers and a steady stream of patients. “Once they try it, they will never go back to paper,” Hill said.

About Seamless Medical Systems
Seamless Medical Systems is the creator of the Seamless Paperless Patient Intake solution, a unique, mobile enterprise patient communications platform. Our platform seamlessly captures patient data during registration, exchanges it with EMR and practice management systems, verifies insurance, collects payments, and delivers personalized health education and marketing to healthcare consumers, at the point of care and beyond the office setting. The Seamless Paperless Patient Intake solution is currently deployed in 25 states, has logged over one million patient encounters, and has increased front office productivity of Seamless clients by 20 percent or more.