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According to Press Ganey research, the average patient wait time in reception areas averages 23 minutes. 

Spending time in the doctor's office waiting room is never on anyone's shortlist for a fun time. There is however, increasing acknowledgement in the medical space mindset that patients are paying customers who have financial and time pressures of their own. While we can’t speed up the provider process, we can help patients use this time that is normally wasted -- by scanning old magazines and staring at a TV with the volume turned off -- more wisely.

Why not enable patients to maximize their time while waiting with contextually relevant, engaging and entertaining health information?

Engage patients during their waiting room time with relevant health information sponsored by their provider. Transform wasted time into a valuable learning opportunity at the point of care. With increasing emphasis on practicing preventative care, improving patient health literacy and measuring patient outcomes, practices and providers should pay attention to the valuable education time available during patient visits.

People spend 25 percent more time with digital content that is personally relevant to them versus those that are not. We also know that contextually relevant information elicits an emotional response that’s almost twice as high as those without such relevancy. When health information has both contextual (at the point of care and time of diagnosis) and personal relevance (focused on an immediate health concern) the impact is even more powerful

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