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Looking to Delight Customers at “Spa-Like Urgent Care, Texas-Based Promptu
Opts for Seamless’ Digital Patient Engagement


DALLAS, TEXAS (June 8, 2016) – With its network of nine urgent care centers across Texas, Promptu Immediate Care promises more than convenient emergent care, primary care and occupational medicine services. The faith-based organization, which is owned by Christus Health, offers consumers a “spa-like” experience that combines soft colors, soothing music, pleasant scents, and as an important starting point, Seamless Medical’s digital check-in solution, the Seamless Patient Platform™.

Customer experience, both online and in the centers themselves, is paramount at Promptu, said Holly Hrabik, director of operations and ambulatory services. “Promptu was founded to meet growing demand for consumer-driven healthcare, where technology such as digital patient engagement help deliver the convenience, access and experience consumers want. Our primary customers, Millennials and moms, are very personal device driven. They want the convenience of online appointment scheduling – typically via a smartphone - and digital check-in,” Hrabik said.

“We chose Seamless because their platform is more than point-of- care; it’s online pre-registration and queue management so customers can check wait times before they commit to an appointment, and pre- and post-visit communications so they are connected with Promptu,” she added.

Seamless recently released Version 7 of its Seamless Patient Platform™, which expands its original paperless digital check-in solution to a true end-to- end patient engagement platform that is rapidly becoming the first choice among leading urgent care centers and retail clinics. The platform is specifically designed to support the healthcare-on- demand sector’s unique workflows and satisfy today’s healthcare consumers who value convenience, access to care on their terms andoverall experience.

Seamless Founder and CEO David Perez improving the patient experience is a core benefit of the company’s solution. “When people are handed a stack of paper forms to complete, it’s pure torture. They don’t want to do it, so patient experience suffers. With Seamless, all forms are digital and presented on an iPad, which is easier to read and complete. People can click through the screens in a fraction of the time.”

Seamless also delivers significant operational, financial, and clinical advantages over paper-based intake processes, added Perez. “Paper forms create a huge burden for staff. With Seamless, patients’ digital information uploads to the electronic medical records automatically so there’s no data entry and no paper handling required by staff. The center has more complete and accurate patient data, which supports both clinical care and improved revenue cycle management.”

Promptu’s Hrabik confirms that the Seamless Patient Platform is a people pleaser. “Our younger customers expect it; they were raised on technology. When we hand an iPad to older individual, they think it’s cool and welcome it. Our staff experience is also better as they no longer have to manually enter patient information into the EMR.”

Promptu and Seamless worked hand-in- hand on the implementation, which included integrating the Seamless Patient Platform with the urgent care’s EMR. During implementation, Seamless helped Promptu adopt new, more efficient workflows that support revenue cycle management and administrative processes.

Urgent care centers and retail clinics that use the Seamless Patient Platform report an 80 percent reduction in their intake process, 40 percent reduction in door-to- door times and 99 percent satisfaction with the platform itself.

About Seamless Medical Systems
Seamless Medical Systems is the creator of the Seamless Paperless Patient Intake solution, a unique, mobile enterprise patient communications platform. Our platform seamlessly captures patient data during registration, exchanges it with EMR and practice management systems, verifies insurance, collects payments, and delivers personalized health education and marketing to healthcare consumers, at the point of care and beyond the office setting. The Seamless Paperless Patient Intake solution is currently deployed in 25 states, has logged over one million patient encounters, and has increased front office productivity of Seamless clients by 20 percent or more.

About Promptu Immediate Care:
Promptu Immediate Care is a faith-based urgent care organization with nine sites in Texas: five in San Antonio, two in Corpus Christi, one each in Beaumont and Port Arthur. Promptu provides on-site providers who can administer care for more serious health problems in a spa-like environment. That includes mild concussions, fractures and lacerations, while also providing primary care and occupational medicine when patients can’t be seen quickly by their primary physicians. For a fraction of the cost of an ER visit, Promptu Immediate care offers a more convenient and affordable option.