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ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico (March 23, 2016) – The decision to ditch paper-based patient registration forms in favor of Seamless Medical’s digital patient engagement platform may have created a monster for Head & Neck Surgeons of New Mexico. Michael Phillips, finance director for the practice, said the staff at the Albuquerque medical group would likely “hang him” if he took away the paper-free, tablet-based Seamless Patient Platform™ they now use to register patients.

“Before Seamless, our front office staff would take a patient’s stack of completed forms, type or scan all of the information into our electronic medical records (EMR) system, and then file or shred the paper,” explained Phillips. “Now, patients complete the forms on a tablet and the information uploads automatically into our Greenway PrimeSuite EMR. Our staff is happy because there’s no more data entry; using Seamless saves our practice 80 hours of administrative time a month. That’s the equivalent of two full-time employees.”

The Seamless Patient Platform™ is the brainchild of Santa Fe, N.M. entrepreneur David Perez, whose father (deceased) and brother, a surgeon at Lovelace, are physicians. Perez understood all too well the universal frustration of paper forms and established Seamless in 2011. Today, Perez’s company has health systems, medical practices, urgent care and retail clinics, and community health centers across the country using the company’s tablet, and now Smartphone enabled, digital solution to paper registration forms.

“Paper forms have been a necessary evil of health care for decades,” Perez said. “Moving away from paper to the digital world has made healthcare providers, their patients and staff very happy. Seamless clients report a patient satisfaction rate of 99 percent.”

Phillips concurs that it’s not just front office staff that are happy with Seamless. Patients now complete forms in less than half the time so the practice’s six ear, nose, and throat doctors no longer have to wait on their patients. This improves the efficiency of clinical workflows; doctors spend more time with patients and less time waiting. While there was some initial concern that Head & Neck Surgeons’ patients, who tend to be older, might have difficulty navigating a tablet that has not been the case.

“Our patients have no problem completing forms on the tablets, even older patients who may be unfamiliar with the technology. Seamless worked very hard with us to make our forms intuitive for our patients to use. It’s a really nice product,” Phillips said.

All forms on the Seamless Patient Platform™ are available in English and Spanish. The company is currently working on additional languages, including Mandarin Chinese and Vietnamese. Its solution also addresses special requirements such as literacy issues. Customers can also add features that enable patients to make appointments online along with an eHealth magazine and patient messaging and survey tools. The goal is to transform the doctor-patient relationship using Seamless’ technology.

Said Perez, “It’s a very exciting time for Seamless Medical. The healthcare world is ready for what we have.”

About Seamless Medical Systems

Seamless Medical Systems is the creator of the Seamless Paperless Patient Intake solution, a unique, mobile enterprise patient communications platform. Our platform seamlessly captures patient data during registration, exchanges it with EMR and practice management systems, verifies insurance, collects payments, and delivers personalized health education and marketing to healthcare consumers, at the point of care and beyond the office setting. The Seamless Paperless Patient Intake solution is currently deployed in 25 states, has logged over one million patient encounters, and has increased front office productivity of Seamless clients by 20 percent or more.

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