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FORT WORTH, Texas (January 28, 2016) – The last thing people want to do in an emergency department (ED) is paperwork. Thus the conundrum: EDs need patient health histories and access to existing medical records to respond quickly and appropriately to medical emergencies. They also need information for billing. So what’s an ED to do?

Clinic 21, a freestanding ED in Fort Worth, Texas, has tapped Seamless Medical Systems® to provide its integrated, paperless patient intake, payment and communications platform. The Seamless Medical platform is demonstrably less intrusive than paper-based patient intake, enabling EDs to capture information quickly and efficiently when a patient presents and seamlessly upload the data into the practice management (PMS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems so clinical information is immediately available to providers.

Dr. Thomas Zyniewicz, president of Clinic 21 and vice president of Emergency Medicine Physicians, the parent company of Clinic 21, said the company first deployed Seamless Medical in several urgent care clinics in Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada, where they achieved increased operational efficiency of 20 percent. He believes Seamless Medical will deliver that and more at the Clinic 21 freestanding emergency room.

“Unscheduled urgent care is a different animal. You have no control over patient volume or flow; providers and staff must be as efficient as possible. EDs are another beast altogether; our workflows are complex. Providers must be efficient, but they also need immediate access to a patient’s information. As a business, we also need to capture and verify insurance information,” Zyniewicz said.

Seamless Medical is integrated with the healthcare industry’s leading PMS and EMR systems, providing bi-directional data exchange. Initial patient data is collected via iPads using standardized forms in both English and Spanish. The interface is simple; patients or their family members can quickly provide required information in less than five minutes. The data is uploaded immediately to the PMS and EMR; there is no data entry required by staff that might delay care.

In Clinic 21’s case, Seamless Medical executed a comprehensive data integration initiative with both AthenaHealth and Forerun, a clinical documentation system that tracks patients through the ED. Per Zyniewicz, the implementation went “very smoothly.”

The Seamless Medical solution also includes insurance eligibility verification and payment options, along with patient communications and marketing components that EDs and urgent care clinics can use to follow-up with patients post-visit with care instructions, appointment reminders and satisfaction surveys.

Seamless Medical CEO David Perez said his company’s platform is a “trifecta” for EDs, meeting clinical, operational and financial requirements. “ED workflows can be chaotic. Seamless Medical introduces an element of control, making registration less stressful for patients, allowing staff to focus on patient care, providing real-time access to patient information critical to clinical decision, and facilitating a smooth claims and reimbursement process.”

About Emergency Medicine Physicians, LLC, and Clinic 21

Established in 1992 in Canton, Ohio, Emergency Medicine Physicians, LLC, is among the leading providers of emergency medical services in the nation and was founded by practicing emergency medicine physicians, with a shared vision for creating a better way to deliver emergency medicine care with physicians as owners. Created in 2014, Clinic 21 is an extension of Emergency Medicine Physicians, providing convenient, accessible care outside of the traditional hospital-based setting. Clinic 21 operates urgent care clinics in Connecticut, Nevada and Texas, as well as a freestanding emergency department in Fort Worth, Texas. Clinic 21 continues to explore ways to improve the patient experience providing urgent/emergent care.


About Seamless Medical Systems

Seamless Medical Systems is the creator of the Seamless Paperless Patient Intake solution, a unique, mobile enterprise patient communications platform. Our platform seamlessly captures patient data during registration, exchanges it with EMR and practice management systems, verifies insurance, collects payments, and delivers personalized health education and marketing to healthcare consumers, at the point of care and beyond the office setting. The Seamless Paperless Patient Intake solution is currently deployed in 25 states, has logged over one million patient encounters, and has increased front office productivity of Seamless clients by 20 percent or more.